This is a new page for SML and is currently under construction as of 7-6-23

Past and present efforts and accomplishments-

* SML made regulatory and legislative agencies aware of BMA's lack of transparency to the public. When SML was formed, BMA had no website to inform the public on such matters as public meetings,  dam/canal gate openings, acre feet of water sent through the canal, etc.. Now BMA has a website. SML has been trying to get BMA to inform the public when the Medina Lake Dam gate valves are opened or closed but no progress has been made yet.

* SML had a professional establish a chart on how much water is released out of the Medina Lake Dam gate valves based on the percentage the gate is open. We believe this is the first chart showing this data that has been shared with the public.

* SML has been to Austin many times to present information on Medina Lake to the pertinent authorities.

*SML received over 10,000 signatures on our first petition about conservation for the Medina Lake waters and shared it with all the proper authorities.

*SML has a new petition for concerned citizens to sign. We encourage you to sign the petition by clicking the button at the top of this webpage.

* SML sent a complaint to TCEQ about the BMA water conservation plan in BMA's water permit not being implemented. The answer from TCEQ was that TCEQ is not able to enforce it. SML will continue to try and establish an enforceable water conservation plan for Medina Lake.

* SML has made numerous Public Information requests from BMA and we will continue to share that information with the public through our Facebook page.

* SML has attended numerous BMA, SAWS, and TCEQ meetings to let them know about the public's concerns regarding the management of water in Medina Lake and the importance of water conservation.

* SML feels it has made a difference on the way the Medina Lake Dam gate valves have been operated. BMA has improved on closing the gates when appropriate. The canal system needs major improvement as it currently wastes massive amounts of water, this is a major concern for SML and we will continue to work on turning this lake into more of a aquifer recharge benefit and for recreation purposes.

* SML helped to get an official public access point at CR 271 bridge in Mico to access the Medina River at Diversion Lake.

* SML created an informational pamphlet to help educate and raise funds to continue our efforts. Many have been distributed by hand from SML's booth at numerous events. The information in the pamphlet has also been shared on the SML Facebook page.

* For 2024 we are still working on petition signatures and working on establishing a proper conservation level for the lake. 

* SML will keep updated on the SAWS/BMA mediation and post any updates on the Facebook page.

Save Medina Lake