Information - Medina Lake

Stop The Drain

Below is a photo of the many miles of the 110 year old canal system. Much of it is unmaintained and waste massive amounts of water before it gets to its destination. Also some photos of the canal and system.

The fiscal impact of improper water management and low lake levels at Medina Lake and Medina River will have a devastating impact on the regional and statewide economy and should be vigorously avoided. We must protect our most vital natural resources from groups who have demonstrated little interest in conservation.


Save Medina Lake is for the purpose to inform the San Antonio and surrounding counties, local business owners, local property owners, conservationist, real farmers, and recreational users about concerns of conserving the water in Medina Lake.

So why is it important to you and the Medina Lake and Medina River area?

  • -Local business owners are affected by low lake levels.
  • -Medina Lake provides aquifer recharge.
  • -Medina lake provides the San Antonio area and surrounding counties recreational use for anglers and boaters.
  • -Property owners around the lake and river are affected by low lake levels.
  • -Conservationist want to see the water CONSERVED (not wasted).
  • -Diversion Lake and Medina River south of Medina Dam will be mostly dry due to low Medina Lake  level.
  • -There are many tax entities in the Medina Lake area.
  • -Homeowners  wells are effected or have gone dry due to a low Medina Lake level.
  • -Medina Lake lies in both Medina County and Bandera County, Texas.


Save Medina Lake